You're Not Alone

May 1, 2012

Gardening can be overwhelming sometimes.

It's not just when plants die and the weather doesn't cooperate ... but when the weather is great and the rains are perfect, then the weeds take advantage!

A lot of you work long hours then come home to garden. There are some of you who care for elderly parents and grandparents, young children and grandchildren, who struggle with age and disability.

Some of you worry about the neighbors, the city, whether it will look right, whether someone will take what you've planted, whether people will whisper ... I know these things because you've told me.

You aren't alone.

We all have worries and struggles and fears.

This is the place to bring them. You're among friends.

We all want to feed our families and to make our yards a place of beauty and peace. That is why we're here.

That's why I'm here to help you, because I know you can do it.

You can go to the garden store and buy your first edible plant, to plant your first seeds, to design your first edible yard. I know you can do it, otherwise you wouldn't be here.

So after you close this out, pick up a pen and draw your garden design. Pick up a shovel and dig that garden plot. Get out your trowel and put that plant in. Sow those seeds.

Edible landscaping is a new thing in many places, and you are the pioneers, blazing a trail for the rest of your communities to gaze at in wonder.

You are strong. You can do this.


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