Your Winter Edible Garden

February 1, 2012

Since most of the north half of the world is still shivering (although we've had an unusually warm winter here where I live), I thought I'd write a bit about your edible landscaping in winter.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of evergreen edible plants, even some that you don't think of as edible, like holly (link goes to a YouTube video on how to harvest and prepare it and not get sick!). If you like and use the evergreen edibles available in your climate, your edible landscaping can look pretty good during the winter, even in really cold areas of the world.

If that doesn't work for you, using some frost protection strategies in your garden to extend your growing season can help.

Also, choosing plants from zones lower than yours (if you can find some that tolerate your climate!), using plants such as kale that prefer cold weather, and selecting plants that look good even when dormant (many fruit trees and berry bushes fit this category, especially when properly pruned) will help your yard look good year-round.

For those who live in very hot areas with mild rainy winters, winter can be your most productive growing season! For you, managing to keep your edible landscape looking good in the blazing heat and drought of summer is the challenge. We can talk about that another time.

So what do you handle winter in your area? Do you garden through it, or do you close your yard for the winter?

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