why doesn't my pomegranite flower?

by jb bagshaw

Pomegranate in bloom courtesy of pixabay.com

Pomegranate in bloom courtesy of pixabay.com

My pomegranite doesn't flower or fruit.

Hi, JB --

There are a few reasons why a pomegranate might not flower:

  • Your plant is too young. Many won't start flowering until they are three years old or so.

  • Your plant is stressed out. Late frosts, severe drought, very wet soil, over-pruning, over-fertilizing (too much nitrogen especially can make the plant produce all leaves), or inadequate light (it must have full sun) can cause a plant not to flower.

  • It's too windy when it does flower. I've seen high winds at early flowering time blow the flowers right off the tree! Of course then you won't get any fruit.

If you remember that these plants originated in the Middle East, then you can better see how to take care of them.

I hope these suggestions help! If you have any more questions please ask.

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