Why do my promegranates split before maturity?

by Joyce applen
(Novato California)

My promegrantes split before maturing on the vine.

Hi, Joyce -

The biggest cause of pomegranates splitting is overwatering. You shouldn't be watering your pomegranate tree at all once it's established unless your area is in a severe drought.

Pomegranates are native to Iran, and love desert conditions. You do not need to feed or water pomegranates.

I hope that helps!

Any other advice for Joyce?

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Oct 13, 2016
Fruit Splitting
by: Kate Russell

It is overwatering, but there is more to it than that. It is a condition known as Citrus Fruit Split, that commonly affects Navel oranges. It also tends to occur in tomatoes and, you guessed it, pomegranates.

I didn't know that pomegranates don't need watering once established. That's good to know - I'm sure my dwarf pomegranate is going to appreciate that!

[Thanks for your comment, Kate!]

I looked this up and apparently this happens to citrus fruit after a very dry season when you overwater (or I suppose if there's a sudden heavy rainstorm). This does happen in tomatoes as well.

It's difficult to say whether this is what is going on with Joyce's pomegranates. Hopefully she'll come back and give us more information.

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