Why are you doing this? What is it that you want?

April 2, 2011

Are you having trouble getting started with your edible landscaping? Do you feel that it's hard to get going? Does edible gardening -- in the artistic sense -- seem difficult, or overwhelming?

Then it's time to get back to basics:

What is it that you really want when you think of edible landscaping your yard?

Is it lots of food?

A gorgeous garden?

Doing something no one else on the block is doing?

To create art?

Edible landscaping can be all this and more ... but it seems to me that you will only find the perfect yard for you when you know what it is that you want from your edible gardens.

For some people, it's trying out new foods -- for others, it's outsmarting the HOA board -- for still others, the idea brings them back to their childhood, the first time they discovered Willy Wonka's magic garden where "everything was eatable".

What's yours?

It's something different for everyone, and none of these are wrong or weird or strange. Whatever your desire for edible landscaping comes from will color your choices and make your landscaping uniquely yours.

I think it's worth thinking about.

So -- if you like -- take out a paper and pencil and sit for a moment. Think about what edible landscaping means to you. What excites you about the idea of it? What do you think the best part of having an edible landscape will be (or what is it now, if yours is the way you want it!). Why edible landscaping?

Write it down. Figure it out. Get it all out, there on the paper. Look at it. Stick it up on the wall. Live it.


When you get back to basics, down to the root of your love for edible gardening, and you understand why you want this and what about it thrills you, then you become incredibly motivated!

Your decisions become easier, and you stop caring about what Nosy Nellie across the way thinks -- because you know how wonderful and beautiful and delicious and exciting your garden is going to be.

Want to share your vision? Tell us what edible landscaping means to you!

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