why are my dwarf pomegranate leaves turning yellow?

by Richard
(Duvall, Wa. U.S.)

Pomegranate tree in the fall

Pomegranate tree in the fall

Leaves on my bonsai dwarf pomegranate are turning yellow and falling off. I don't know how to send a picture. Thanks.

Hi, Richard --

Pomegranates are deciduous shrubs. This means that in the fall their leaves turn colors and they lose their leaves in preparation for going dormant during the winter.

What you are describing is perfectly normal for pomegranates in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.

Bring the pot your pomegranate is in indoors so it won't freeze during the winter. Your pomegranate should grow new leaves in the spring.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask them.

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