What's new in June

by Lynn Sterner
(Los Osos, CA)

I still need to add more rock.

I still need to add more rock.

I still need to add more rock.

It has been an interesting year.

When we first moved back into the house I was growing things like lettuce and spinach in my front garden. At that time it was shaded part of the day by a Liquid Amber tree. We cut down the tree because the roots were ruining the sidewalk. Boy what a difference. My garden is much warmer. The lettuce will no longer grow well there and other plants are now growing better. That is why I am trying some squash and melon. The other challenge is the weather. The plants have to be able to tolerate the constant change between cool fog and hot sun. Sometimes it changes several times in one day, or it might be foggy and cool for several days and then suddenly get hit with a clear, hot day.

I have started to add rock to the beds I emptied. I am using red volcanic rock that came off of the roof a few years ago when it was replaced. I usually try to use whatever materials we have on hand in my garden rather than buying something from the store. I have been wanting to add some more chips to the garden but I ran out and my husband has not done any pruning and chipping lately, so I finally broke down and bought a couple of bags of landscape bark.

I pulled all of the beets except a few I left to go to seed. I added some parsley I removed from pots, three cactus and some Bald Cypress trees from the Arbor Day Foundation that I am going to try to bonsai because they require a lot of water.

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