What should I grow under a pomegranate?

by Christina
(South Florida)

What is a good veggie or herb to grow under the pomegranate tree?

I love using up all my space with something that will help the other grow or produce more things for us to eat if we can. Our yard is not that big so all the areas I can use the better for us.

I have searched the net but cant find anything that is good to plant with this tree.

I have a peach tree and I planted strawberries under it as it helps promote growth and also produces something sweet for us to eat. Please let me know! Thanks

Hi, Christina --

Probably the reason you can't find anything online about what to grow under a pomegranate is because the pomegranate has inch long thorns and grows close to the ground. It's really a huge bush rather than a tree.

Because of these thorns, most people don't plant anything close to a pomegranate!

But if you wanted to prune your pomegranate to look like a small tree by removing the bottom branches, there are many plants that like the same sorts of conditions that a pomegranate does:

Just to name a few. Any plant that likes a warm, dry climate will do well near a pomegranate.

Good luck! And please show us some photos of how your garden turns out!


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