What is this plant? Milkweed maybe - but I think not.

by Kathleen Buck
(Essex County Ontario Canada)

This year I decided to let some garden "unknown plants" just grow to see what they are. We discovered some long lost rasberry bushes. Some plants with purple flowers that many said were just weeds. Turned out to be herbs with interest and medicinal value. Can't remember the name but I know to let them grow again next year. These monster plants in the pictures are the ones I am wondering about. Bumble bees seem to like them and the white butterflies. I would like them to be some type of "milkweed" but I think they are "dogbane". I do not have a dog, or any neighbour dogs or they would be gone by now. I don't want to kill them if they are not hurting anything. I like the bumble bees. Thanks - kb
PS: The last one - I have no idea. If it is an oak tree I'm pretty sure I better move it.

Hi, Kathleen --

I don't know what any of these are! I think the second one is polk but I'm not certain. I'm going to pass this on to my wildcrafting mentor to see what she thinks.

If anyone knows what these are, feel free to chime in!

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Aug 20, 2014
Plant identification
by: Caleb

The first two photos are poke Phytolacca americana the third photo is type of oak.

Thanks, Caleb!

Aug 21, 2014
Northern Cardinals
by: Anonymous

Caleb - Poke Phytolacca Americana, that explains the nesting Northern Cardinals in our back yard. I will have to keep some of these around. Lots of birds to make happy and no livestock or farmers to get upset.
Thanks kb

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