What Is Kale?

What is kale? Seems as if a lot of people don't know!

Kale (Brassica oleracea var. acephala) is a group of vegetable plants in the cabbage family used mostly as cooked greens, although young kale leaves are tasty in salad.

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Other names for kale are ornamental cabbage and borecole. Although kale is related to broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, it never forms a head. If your "kale" has a head, you don't have a kale -- you've got a cabbage. :)

All types of kale are edible, even the ones labeled as "ornamental"!

What is kale? Handy facts about kale

Red Russian kale in my front yard edible garden
  • Plant type: Most are hardy biennials, usually planted as an annual -- one cultivar is a perennial
  • Plant size: Depends on cultivar, most are 1-2 feet (50 cm) on each side when mature.

The perennial cultivar known as Jersey kale, Walking Stick kale, or Tree Collards can grow up to ten feet (3 meters) tall!

  • Easiest way to plant: Either buy the plants (which is what I prefer because I'm impatient) or start from seed. 
  • Propagate by: Saving seed in biennials. Can root branches of perennial kale.
Kale flowers
  • Edible parts: Leaves, stems, shoots, flowers (which on some cultivars are rare)
  • Fruit color: n/a
  • Flower color(s): yellow
  • Flower type: small (less than 1 inch/2 cm wide), trumpet shaped. Look very similar to broccoli blossoms.
  • Blooms: In late spring to mid-summer of its second year (biennials)
  • Leaf color(s): Varies dramatically depending on cultivar, anywhere from blue-green to bright green to pink to purple to white. Many varigated cultivars are available.
ornamental kale
  • Leaf type: Varies widely by cultivar, can be smooth, crinkled, oak-leaf shaped, oval, frilly, and so on. Most resemble cabbage leaves in some way.
  • Leaf size: Mature size about 1 foot/30 cm long, 6-8 inches/15-20 cm wide in most. Some cultivars have smaller leaves.
  • Stem color: Usually the same as the leaf color -- green, pink, white, purple, etc.
  • Likes: Well-drained, moist soil
  • Tolerates: Almost any kind of soil or pH, partial shade, salt, heat, cold
  • Dislikes: deep shade (will get leggy in very dark areas)
Purple kale
  • Uses: Border plant, flower beds, accent plant, container gardens, perennial kale can be used as a hedge tree

Some kale cultivars will "rise up" in the center as they grow, adding a unique and interesting shape to your garden.

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