What is edible landscaping?

October 1, 2011

It seems to me that while edible landscaping has been around for a while (since at least the 1980's here in the US), now people are starting to jump on the bandwagon. Which is great! But a lot of the blogs and articles I've been reading make it clear that people aren't quite in agreement as to what edible landscaping really is.

What edible landscaping is NOT:

  • It's not farming, although we do grow food.

  • It's not plopping down a tomato in an already established non-edible landscape, although that's a good start for someone who's never grown food before.

  • It's not just growing food in your front yard. Sorry.

  • It's not urban homesteading, although you can certainly use edible landscaping on an urban homestead. In fact, it would make the neighbors very happy!

So what exactly IS edible landscaping?

Edible landscaping is, first and foremost, landscaping.

Its purpose is to make your home (or city, or public building, or whatever) look more attractive -- using plants you can eat, rather than plants you can't eat. But it's not just about using edible plants!

Edible landscaping is about using edible plants in an artistic manner, choosing those edible plants that make your yard and home look its best.

It's about the basics of landscaping: color, form, balance, line, proportion, etc., using edible plants -- both nourishing your body and beautifying your surroundings.

With edible landscaping, you really do get to have your landscaping and eat it, too. :)

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