What If You Had Anything You Wanted?

Each of us have different yards, different home situations, different neighbors ... and the issues and problems that go with them.

But what if you could have anything in the world for your edible gardens? What would you choose?

Dream big, and share your dreams with us ...

Comments for What If You Had Anything You Wanted?

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May 09, 2014
by: elsie

I would have my faves that don't grow in this climate- a nice citrus cocktail tree, a moringa tree,and a nice water garden. Maybe a patch of pineapple plants. And of course, a huge beautiful greenhouse to enjoy when it's the rainy season outside. And a groundskeeper!

Oct 03, 2014
Dream Yard
by: Ruth

We live in Michigan in a very small lot. I would love to have Fruit and nut trees wherever we could along with a raised garden along with vertical gardening along a tall privacy fence. I'd love some edible fruit/berry bushes both small and tall in available spaces. Along with that both a medicinal and cooking herb garden would be awesome! No harm in dreaming!

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