Vertical Gardening
With Edible Vine Plants!

So many vine plants have edible parts!

Vines are useful for covering walls, fences, trellises, and arbors, for adding interest to containers, and for ground cover.

Evergreen climbing vines that aren't too aggressive can beautify trees, posts, and mailboxes with foliage, flowers, and fruit year round.

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Types of vine plants

There are many types of vines: perennial flowering vines, annual vines, evergreen vines, climbing and trailing vines ... whatever you need for your edible landscape design, there are vine plants that can help.

Which plants you choose depends on what you like to eat and which plants you like the look of. Here are some of the plants you have to choose from:

  • Brambles (Rubus species) -- blackberries, raspberries, dewberries, marionberries, loganberries, huckleberries, and so on. Although none of these plants are technically a true vine, enough of them act like vines to put them in this category.
  • Squash -- While the pumpkin vine is the most well-known squash, the squash vine comes in many varieties, colors, and flavors, and is grown over much of the world.
  • The cucumber vine
  • Legumes -- There are so many types of bean and pea vine to choose from! Snow peas, the butterfly pea, and the hyacinth vine (Lablab purpureus, also called the hyacinth bean vine) are some popular legume plants.
  • Tubers -- Potato vines, the air potato (or cinnamon vine) and sweet potato vines are all plants which have edible tubers
  • Edible flower vines -- Jasmine, hops, clematis (must be cooked before eating, is mildly toxic when raw), climbing roses, climbing nasturtiums, passion flowers, and the wisteria vine (only the flowers are edible)
  • Foliage -- Grapevines and sweet potato vines are often grown for their attractive edible foliage. The kudzu vine also has quite attractive edible foliage (and edible flowers), but are extremely invasive plants in hot, humid climates, so avoid planting kudzu in those conditions.
  • Seasoning -- Vine plants used mainly for seasoning are the vanilla vine and the pepper vine (Piper nigrum only -- other species of plants called "pepper vine" are poisonous).

Want to talk about edible vines with people who love landscaping with food plants as much as you do? Join us at the Tasteful Landscape community.

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