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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the class take?

It's up to you.

The reason I can't answer is that everyone moves at their own pace. I've had people complete Module 1 (for example) in a few days, while there are others who have taken months.

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How long do I have access to the material?

You have lifetime access to the course materials. As with everything else I sell, you get free updates for life!

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I live in a very different area than you do. Will this work for me?


This course is not about me telling you what to do, because there is no one else in the world with your unique

  • set of circumstances
  • living situation
  • community
  • climate

There are millions of edible gardening and landscaping websites telling you what to do, but they are all coming at it from their own perspectives.

That's part of why you're having so much trouble doing this.

This course is about helping you learn what works for YOU!

  • your home
  • your family
  • your yard
  • your climate
  • your soil
  • your community
Actual screenshot from Module 2

It's designed to help you

  • discover your unique home, yard, and family needs
  • learn how to incorporate your life and values into your edible gardens
  • find out how to get the most from your landscaping
  • discover how to make your edible landscaping truly sustainable for the resources you have

I don't think you can find this kind of instruction out there anywhere.

(If you do find another program like this, please let me know about it!)

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I'm already an experienced food gardener. How will this help me?

This is not a gardening course. It's a landscape design course.

All of the information here will benefit even the most skilled plant expert who wants to learn how to landscape their yard at home.

If you join and find that this information is too basic for you, you can get a full refund at any time.

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So ... I'll be doing this with others?


A huge problem people face is having no one to talk with about their edible landscaping.

In open Internet forums, you might worry about people making cruel remarks, or about your home's privacy.

In real life, you might be the only one in your neighborhood creating an edible garden.

It's easy to feel alone.

But you don't have to.

Those of you who choose the Standard or Premium options will be part of my unique edible garden group, composed of people who are

  • determined to create their own edible landscaping and
  • committed to helping you do the same

I personally moderate this to keep it friendly and success-focused

I'll be with you all the way, for as long as you need me

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Do I have to do this with other people?

No. If you prefer not to join the group, choose the Basic option at checkout.

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So ... will this be a private area?

Yes, it will.

I spent the time and money to set up a secure area that you need your own password to enter, hosted by Teachable.

In this area, those of you who select the Standard or Premium options can ...

  • discuss what you've learned
  • brainstorm ideas for your yard
  • and get input on your ideas ...
  • before you show your plans to the world

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Who is this for?

These points will not all apply to everyone that joins this program, but the program will be especially helpful if any of these apply:

  • You own your home
  • You want to design edible landscaping that's truly your own
  • You want to do your yard yourself 
  • You like step by step instructions where you can see your progress
  • You want to save time instead of doing the research and making the mistakes yourself
  • Whether you're a new or an experienced gardener, you have no landscaping experience
  • You feel there's something holding you back (knowledge, confidence, motivation)
  • You're not sure what it is you want or how to put what you want into action
  • You find yourself worried, procrastinating, or stressed about designing and installing your edible gardens

If any of these apply to you, you'll like the Standard or Premium options:

  • You want constructive criticism and input about your design and plans before your neighbors see the results
  • You're looking for a close-knit group to bounce ideas off of that understands the challenges of edible landscaping

The Premium option is best if any of these apply to you:

  • You're brand new to gardening and may need some garden coaching
  • You benefit from extra support and guidance
  • You're concerned about it being "just right"
  • You enjoy receiving premiere service and attention

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Who is this not for?

If you'd rather have someone else design your edible landscaping, then this course isn't for you.

You're welcome to browse my Edible Landscape Business Showcase to find an edible landscape designer near you!

Most people spend thousands of dollars on a new home landscape. If you're very concerned about the price of this course (fixed income, third world country), you may want to consider getting some of my ebooks instead.

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