"Tomato Ladders":
Not Just For Tomatoes!

Tomato ladders are an attractive alternative to tomato cages or trellises, and can be used for any light to medium weight plant that needs support.

While searching the internet, I've found some ladders that got good reviews that I thought would look great with your edible garden designs. See what you think:

This is a sturdy ladder that can be used for tomatoes or peppers. You can stack them higher as your plants grow! Comes in 33", 45" and 57" heights (pack of 3) and folds up for storage. Click on the photo to learn more.

It comes in green, so if you like green supports in your garden, this is a good one for you.

This is what they're calling a "tomato tower". It's basically a steel ladder that you can weave your tomato's stems through as it grows. These ladders are recommended for gardens with very little space.

There are more photos of this if you click through to the site (just click on the photo to the right). It looks like matte silver from the live photos, perfect for those who are using this in their garden decorations or have silvery or gray-green plants in their edible landscaping.

Here is another stacking set of ladders, this time a six-piece set. Each piece is 32 1/2" tall and you can get the set in either red or green.

If you click on the photo, you can see more pictures of these in action!

These ladders I've shown you can be used for any tall plant, including peas, flowers, or any other plant that tends to flop over.

Use several of them in a row to make a mini-hedge, or use one tall, brightly colored ladder as a focal point of your garden.

Want to learn more about growing tomatoes? Right now, the Tasteful Landscape community is experimenting with whether removing suckers on a tomato plant gives better yields.

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