Which Of These Tomato Cages
Is Best For You?

If you're someplace that's not too windy, tomato cages are a great way to support your tomato plants.

I've searched around for some to show you -- click on a photo to find out more. :)

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Here is the first in a series of forty inch tall galvanized wire cages from CooksGarden.com, this one in green. Apparently, they have extenders that you can add on as the plant gets taller, and come in packs of 3.

Green cages are good if you'd like to hide the cage from view within the foliage, or if you're using this particular shade of green as a unifying color in your garden.

Here's the same cage from Burpee

(find out more about using color to unify your garden in my e-workbook, "How to make your own garden landscape design plans")

Here is the same cage in red!

You could use this in designs using red in all your garden decorations to unify your edible garden, in a garden which uses plants that are red, and in cases where your home has red as a major color in its exterior.

Here's the same cage from Burpee

(Take a look at how Gretchen uses red tomato supports to good effect in her front yard, in a neighborhood where all the houses have a "painted lady" decor.)

The same tomato cage, in silver!

My son loves chrome, and if you do too, you might like this cage.

If it's like most galvanized wire products, it will probably dull a bit with age, but this would be stunning with black edging, a garden design using various gray-green or silvery plants, or in areas with a lot of brick, gray concrete, or stone.

Here's the same one, from Burpee

While we're talking about Burpee, here are a couple more cages, which Burpee calls their XL Pro Series.

These are 18" square by 58" high, and also have extenders to add as the plant grows. They come in red and green:

Here's a set of four cages from Gardener's Supply Company.

They come in steel gray, red and a cute shade of lime green!

(click through and look at the photos to see what I mean)

I think the green ones would be wonderfully fun for a children's garden, especially if your child likes neon colors, like mine did when she was small.

Here are the current listings for tomato cages on eBay!

From eBay US:

From eBay UK:

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