Three Ways To End Garden Procrastination

Just can't get motivated?

Just can't get motivated?

December 3, 2013

Have you ever done this? It's time to put in a plant, or do some weeding, or buy seeds, or go out and measure your yard so you can start planning it, and instead of doing it, you put it off.

Maybe you're too tired, or the kids need something, or it's getting dark (because you put it off before), and so it doesn't get done.

Does this sound like you? I used to do this ALL the time, and my garden suffered for it.

Procrastination is your mind's way of telling you there is a disconnect somewhere, so the challenge is to find out where the problem might be. Here are three of the most common issues:

Problem 1: You don't know what you really want.

Too many times, we do things because we think we should, or someone else wants us to, or we think it's a good idea or noble or something. But then we procrastinate, it's often because it's either not what we really want, or we have no idea why we're doing it.

Solution: Figure it out!

Here are the questions to ask yourself:

  • Why do you want to grow food? Why food instead of non-edibles?
  • Why do you want to do edible landscaping? Why pretty instead of plain farmer rows?

If you think not knowing what you want is part of the problem, honestly take some time to figure it out. If you need help, this is what module 1 of my Tasteful Yard Design program is all about!

If you find that you really don't want to do what you're doing, stop! Please go do something else. You'll be much happier.

Problem 2: It's seriously too difficult for you.

Maybe you have physical challenges. Perhaps the process of getting the catalog out, filling out the form, and getting to the mailbox is overwhelming you. Maybe edible landscaping just is getting too expensive for your budget.

Whatever it is, it's not that you don't want to do it, or you're lazy, it honestly is beyond your reach.

Solution: Make it easy!

  • Hard to get to the post office? Buy online!
  • Organizationally challenged? (this is me, by the way) Set up watering timers! Put your gardening chores on your calendar!
  • Physically can't do it? Get help!

If money is really seriously an issue, email me -- I just ran across a way to start your own business for less than $20 that I think you'll love.

Problem 3: A negative mindset

A lot of people procrastinate, even if this is what they want to do and they are capable of doing it, because they look at the negative side of a task and make it mentally harder than it is.

Solution: Look at the positive side!

If you're feeling as if you can't do something, mentally break each task into smaller steps. For example, if you're "too tired" to go outside and water, are you truly:

  • too tired to put your shoes on?
  • to open the door?
  • to turn on the faucet?
  • to move the hose?

Do each step and see the pleasant things in it -- once you get started and see that it's a nice thing and not all that bad, you'll feel motivated to keep going!

What makes you procrastinate? Have you found other reasons you procrastinate, or other ways to get yourself going?

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Dec 03, 2013
Getting things done
by: Enter Your Name

A helpful book to read is Getting Things Done by David Allen.

The book isn't about gardening but it's packed with helpful methods to help you clear whatever it is that's making you procrastinate.

The principles that he teaches apply to all aspects of life, work, business, school or whatever. You can get the books from his website or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other good bookshop.


I've never read this book, but I've heard a lot of really good things about it.

(maybe I should read it ...!)

Thanks for the tip!

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