Edible Landscape Design's
Summer Sale!

From July 16th through July 30th, I'm having a "Pay What You Want" Summer Sale!

This website is for sale.

Contact me if you'd like to make an offer.

All my digital products on Gumroad are "Pay what you want." I'll have the regular price listed to help you out. A couple of them have a minimum price, which below that I would be losing money or violating a contract I made with someone else.

Here are all my products (click each button to learn more):

Plant Hardiness Zones Worldwide

Make a garden plot in less than an hour

Edible Landscaping: Where to Begin?

Formal Flora: Symmetrical Edible Garden Layouts (#1: Starburst)

How to make your own garden landscape design plans

Easy Edible Landscapes: A Beautiful Food Garden in Just 14 Days

Tasteful Yard Design: Basic

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If you still have trouble, go here to see all the items at once.

If a file is not working for you or you have any problems at all send me an email and I'll see what I can do.

Some of my items I can't set to "Pay what you want" - but they're on sale too!

You can get my Kindle ebook Edible Landscaping on $1 A Day or Less - free July 16-20!

But since it's on Kindle Unlimited, I get paid when you read it. ;)

Amazon.com July 16-20 Promotion begins 12 am PST

From July 16th through July 30th, get the companion to my Easy Edible Landscapes course for just $1.99!

(normally $2.99)

(You get this free when you take the full course!)

See all the places you can buy Easy Edible Landscapes here.

My friends have written a couple of ebooks which you might like. I get a small commission if you buy them. I can't put them on sale, but perhaps you'd like them in any case. Click on the links to learn more.

Savory raw dressings and sauces

Lots of sustainable gardening books!

If you already have all my products, or you don't see anything you want, I have a donation page set up. 100% of donations go towards promoting home edible landscaping.

Also, contact me with what you would have bought if I had it available. If it's something I can do, I'll make it for you. When I make it, you'll get it for free!

Frequently asked questions:

Why a "pay what you want" sale?

Because no matter what price I use, I have two groups of people who always email me:

  •  the group that tells me my price is too high
  •  the group that tells me I'm pricing too low

So now you can pay what you want!

Aren't you afraid people will just take?

I am COMMITTED to helping as many homeowners as I possibly can discover edible landscaping. The retail price for each item is clearly listed - however if you only can spare part of that? That's totally fine.

I believe that if I give I will receive. I'm choosing to price this way because I trust that those who found their way to this page will act out of integrity and respect for the work that has gone into creating this website and these resources.

The things you purchase, and the price you purchase them at, what ideas people email me with, and their donations (meaning there was nothing here that they wanted but they still want to help) will tell me what sorts of products I should put my time and effort into in the future.

Enjoy :)

If this site has helped you and you wish to help with costs, click here.