St. Paul, MN (US) - Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes

by Krista Leraas
(Minneapolis, MN)

Our mission is to strengthen the Twin Cities local foods ecosystem by transforming landscapes into tasty, beautiful and sustainable landscapes through which eaters connect directly with their farmers, food and land.

To do that, we grow backyard food gardens and provide garden education for homeowners, renters, schools and businesses with an exclusive focus on organic and sustainable practices. Whether you’re looking for expert advice, full service or something in between, we can help your garden dreams come to life!

Company Name: Harvest Moon Edible Landscapes

Address: St. Paul, MN

Phone Number: 651-216-5910

Contact Person: Dina Kountoupes


Email address: info (at) harvestmoonlandscapes (dot) com


We are on Angie's List!

Services offered:
Design, installation, maintenance, garden coaching

Garden and Urban Homestead Design: Whether you're just starting out with a simple veggie garden or going all out with a complete urban homestead, we love designing useful, sustainable and attractive spaces for you to live in!

Grow-It-Yourself Garden Kits: Our Garden Kits are instant gardens designed to save you time and get your backyard bounty jump started with expert service.

Coaching & Consulting: Interested in growing your own organic food but need some help? We offer a custom experience from basic advice and labor to food forest design.

Full Service Kitchen Garden Packages: Do you dream of lush food gardens outside your door but need help to make it happen? Let us do it for you!

How much can a Harvest Moon garden produce?
In 2012, Full Service Kitchen Gardens that we installed and maintained produced up to 2 1/2 pounds per square foot - 250 pounds from just 100 square feet of growing beds. A recent estimate by Gardening Matters based on data from Twin Cities participants found that urban vegetable gardeners produced about 1/2 pound per square foot.

The results for your garden will vary depending on the condition of your soil, sun exposure, competition from trees, water availability, gardener skill level, and, of course, the weather. If you're planning to grow on your own, we think it's not unreasonable to expect to produce about 1 pound per square foot following our advice. As your skill and soil build, so will your yields!

In business since January 2011.

"A wonderful outfit run by terrific people! Thanks to Harvest Edible Landscapes, The Wine Company and have a healthy and burgeoning company garden replete with fresh organic soil, mindfully planted rows of many vegetables, rain barrels, and a healthy compost to replenish the beds over time. As a company this brings us even closer and contributed to many a meal prepared in our office kitchen and in our wood fire oven on our back patio. Knowledgeable, hard working & genuine! A+" ~ Nicholas, St. Paul, MN

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