Spots on my Gynura Procumbens

by Granny Peck
(Reno NV)

Black & White Nightmare

Black & White Nightmare

I started Gynura Procumbens inside until after our last frost (June 1st) when the weather breaks but then I saw these on a couple of leaves two day ago and thought it was just dust... now I have 9 plants that are covered with this.... What can I do? Will my Gynura procumbens survive? Are my leaves gonna be edible? HELLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!

Hello --

I had to look up this plant as I was unfamiliar with it! It is also known as the Longevity plant and apparently is very popular in the Philippines.

The pale green spots look like aphids, the darker spots could be fruit flies which are common problems with indoor plants.

After doing a Google search I found this article in which the author sprayed her plants with water and used a net to keep new infestations out. She also gives a recipe for an organic bug repellent which looks pretty good.

Aphids and other bug situations don't cause any plant to become inedible. Perhaps not very appealing, but nothing a bit of a wash and a trim of any bitten areas won't take care of.

I hope this answers your question! If you have other questions about the spots on your plant please ask by replying below.


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