Slow roasted tomatoes

by Diane
(Bristol, UK)

Oven roasted tomatoes <br>(Robyn Mackenzie/

Oven roasted tomatoes
(Robyn Mackenzie/

Oven roasted tomatoes ... so simple, but summer on a plate. And even my foodie friends love it - well they would when you've just picked the tomatoes and know how you've grown them.

  1. Chop tomatoes and put in an oven tray.

  2. Cover in Olive Oil

  3. Cook slowly 140 degrees for about 45 minutes (there's no need to be precise). If you don't have 45 minutes turn the oven higher, but you won't get so much sweetness from the tomatoes.

  4. You can add dried basil at the beginning before you start to cook, or if you have fresh available add 10 minutes before serving with some fresh on the top.

  5. Serve over toast or with crusty bread.

It can't be beaten.

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