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Revolution Landscape
Tomato and herb garden in la jolla
Raised planter bed with fruit tree orchard and greenhouse
Edible landscaping in San Diego

Revolution Landscape – Edible and Eco-Friendly Landscaping in San Diego

We build organic vegetable gardens and focus on edible landscaping in San Diego and La Jolla. Gardens can be as simple as a few 4x8 ft. raised beds or can integrate vegetable space, fruit tree orchards, and low-water natives into a complete landscape.

Please note: This listing is provided as a free service to edible landscaping companies. I do not have information on pricing or other details. To receive this information, please contact the company directly -- their contact information appears below. Thank you!

Landscape Design

We create designs of tasteful, productive, and practical landscapes. We offer over 30 varieties of native species and an array of fruit trees, heirloom vegetables, and herbs.


Our product is a water-conscious and food producing landscape that will inspire. We also are specialists in drip irrigation, hardscape, and carpentry.

Onsite, we use materials that retain water and reduce runoff, establish plants that restore soil nutrients and attract beneficial insects, save seeds for the following season, reuse plant cuttings as mulch so that no waste is taken to the dump, and install drip irrigation systems that significantly reduce landscape water use.

Maintenance & Harvest

Most of our clients also bring us on to do organic maintenance. We replant with the seasons, manage pests and weeds organically, and each week we pick ripe produce from your garden and leave it in a basket on your doorstep. We will also pick up your kitchen veggie scraps from the week to be composted at our facility.


Our mission is to help people achieve personal well-being and a more
environmentally sustainable way of life by transforming ordinary landscapes into eco-friendly spaces where people can grow healthy food and interact with the natural environment.

We believe that it's not only time for a transformation of our landscapes, but time for the transformation to a healthier and more sustainable society. This means changes to our infrastructure and changes to the processes we take for granted. It is a transformation we believe can only be achieved through ACTION and this is why we are in the businesses of construction, landscape maintenance, and education.

To begin this transformation we realized that our company must reach far beyond the bottom line, just as our landscapes involve much more than the aesthetics of the plants. We set big idea initiatives: save water, restore native plants, and bring organic food production back into the city. We set out to learn, share, and practice sustainability and now we are looking to bring this transformation and these initiatives to more people.

If you are interested check out some photos of completed projects on our website or call 858.337.6944 for more information.

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