The Red Garden:
Red In Your Edible Landscape

Whether your dream is of an entirely red garden or you just like a bit of red here and there, here are some ideas to help you make it happen!

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Red is a color which means many things to different cultures, but it's generally thought of as a bright, warm, happy color.

Red tends to call attention to itself. Depending on the shade of red, it can appear larger than it is. Too much red can seem overpowering or even harsh.

When thinking of how to create your red garden, consider the different ways you might incorporate red into your edible landscape:

Don't forget plants which have brilliant reds in the fall.

You can create a garden with many shades of red, from burgundy to orange-red. Or you can combine a particular shade with contrasting colors such as blue or white, which will make the red elements pop out.

Another way to use red is to pick the red you like (for example, firehouse red) then combine it with colors near to it on the color wheel, such as orange and yellow. As another example, if you wanted a magenta or burgundy garden, also using purple or pink would work well.

Some wonderful combinations for your garden:

  • pink, white, and red
  • red, white and blue
  • red and purple
  • black and red
  • red and white

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