Discover A Tasty, Raw Foods Diet With Andrew Perlot

A raw foods diet? Completely raw?

This was my first thought when I visited ... but ... since my favorite part of edible landscaping is eating (!), I invited Andrew Perlot, owner of, to come by and tell us all about it.

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Why raw?

I originally started experimenting with a raw food diet because I was suffering from the intestinal disease colitis, which is theoretically incurable according to most doctors. After a month raw in 2005 most of my symptoms were gone, and I was hooked.

I've eaten nothing but raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds since 2007 and my health is remarkably better now than it was then. I've also become radically more fit since then, putting on muscle and running and biking long distances.

Through my site,, I try to give people the help I wish I'd had when I was overweight, suffering from migraine headaches, and having my life ruined by colitis. I basically help people adopt a diet that makes their health problems go away.

How do you prepare a raw foods diet?

Many of my meals are monomeals of fruit. This means that I start eating one type of ripe, tasty fruit, and eat it until I'm completely full. It's persimmon season right now, so, for instance, I just came in from a 2-hour run and ate 12 persimmons.

In the evenings my meals tend to be a bit more complicated, and I make salads with blended sauces and dressings from whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Last night I made a slaw from celery, corn, a small amount of avocado, basil, and a few other ingredients. It was wonderfully rich and creamy.

You're making me hungry! ;)

But I wonder: can you possibly get enough nutrition just eating fruit most of the time? I love fruit but I would get tired of it after a while.

I love my diet, and don't find it restrictive, although it can occasionally be inconvenient. That inconvenience is far overcome by the benefits, though.

Most people who come to me for help or buy one of my books are feeling run down, have been diagnosed with a disease or medical issue, or are looking for improved athletic performance. You can generally improve all those situations by eating the right kind of low fat raw vegan diet.

In fact, you lose much of the nutritional content of your food when you cook it.

How do you feel that edible gardening fits into a raw foods diet?

Extremely well. My garden produces the best food I get to eat each year, and also takes a lot off my food bill. There is nothing more satisfying than a peach from your own peach tree, or that of a friend.

I was highly inspired by permaculture design, and wherever I look I see opportunities for fruit trees. I'm lucky to have been able to save a seedling from my great-grandfather's plum tree (which was going to be torn down), which produces the tastiest plums I've ever had. It makes me happy that I'll be able to pass that tree on to future generations.

So you recommend that people only grow foods in their edible landscaping that can be eaten without cooking?

I'm delighted whenever people are eating more whole plant foods, cooked or raw. But in my own experience, raw foods simply bring about the best health, when compared to cooked ones.

Which food plants are the best to grow if you're just getting started?

I find many types of berry bushes to be incredibly easy to grow and very productive. About six years ago I stuck two extra blackberry bushes in a shady area of the property, expecting for them to do poorly, but year after year they produce an amazing crop for me with no more than 15 minutes of pruning a year.

Thanks so much for talking with us, Andrew!

If you're interested in learning more about a raw food diet, want to get raw food diet recipes or just get lots of tips on eating all the wonderful things you're growing in your garden, check out Andrew's website,

Besides the hundreds of free articles and Q&As at his site, he offers one-on-one coaching and his books Raw Food Weight Loss And Vitality (in print and ebook formats), Savory Raw Dressings And Sauces, and The Raw Food Lifestyle (in ebook format).

Share your best raw food recipes here!

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