Preserving your Onion Chive

by Teres

growing chives

growing chives

growing chives
cutting the chive
Storing the chive for winter

I have onion and garlic chives growing in a box outside just steps from the kitchen door. Not only can I cut chive for any recipe I can trim my chive almost weekly to dry for organic chive all year long.

I have crated a youtube video on how to dry chives.

The whole chives plant can be used. A person can use the cut chive in their dips and other recipes but the fresh chive can be used in spinach salads, and other lettuce salads and for more color and interest the flower can be thrown in and eaten. A great purple color people will wonder if it is edible and create new conversation at the BBQ.

I do only organic gardening and use flowers as companion plants to keep pest out of my garden. Plant like edible marigolds, and nasturtiums are great bug deterrents.

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