Using Portulaca Oleracea
In Your Edible Landscaping

Many people think that Portulaca oleracea (or purslane) is simply a garden weed.

But not only is it a highly nutritious plant, but it's one of my favorite edible succulents.

So what can you do with purslane?

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Portulaca oleracea as a ground cover

One of the best uses for purslane is as an annual ground cover in dry, rocky areas where nothing else will grow.

It lies fairly flat, has lovely little yellow flowers, and attractive succulent stems and leaves.

Purslane self-seeds, and if it likes the area, will spread out to form a dense mat of plants in just a few years.

In containers

If you have a container of edible succulents, why not add purslane?

The branches, leaves, and flowers will cascade over the side of the pot, adding color and interest to your succulent container garden.

As a companion plant

Purslane has a deep taproot which can open up heavy clay soils, allowing you to plant other plants with weaker root systems nearby, or as a secondary crop (corn, for example).

Because purslane likes dry sunny areas, it's also a great plant to put near plants which require a bit more water, or are at the upper edge of their heat zone.

Purslane will shade the ground and cool it for your more delicate plants.

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