pomigranite pips

by Carole Kilincli
(New zealand Auckland)

I have always been told never to eat pips as they can cause obstruction in the appendix.

Is this true and if so how can I get over this as the fruit its self is all pips?

Now we have a fruiting tree after 3 years with around 40 and more coming so how can I use!

Hi, Carole --

Many people suck the juice off the seeds then spit the seeds out. I've swallowed pomegranate seeds all my life and have never had any problems. But I would always advise you to follow the instructions of your health professional.

You can find pomegranate squeezers if you like to drink the juice or make jelly -- I used to make pomegranate jelly with my father in law for many years before he passed away.

Hope this helps you! Let me know if you have any further questions.

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