Pomegrate Problem

by Cindy
(Charleston, SC)

Can you help? I had 5 blooms on pome grate tree. Now, only one set a fruit. Do you think the April application of citrus fertlizer hurt this? Also, I added one cup of vermiculture compost to it in June.

My answer:

Hi Cindy --

Not all blossoms will set fruit on pomegranates, especially young trees. If it's very windy or very dry sometimes the blossoms will fall off.

I don't think the fertilizer hurt but since pomegranates aren't citrus it probably didn't help much.

The best thing to do is to water well once a week during blooming season.

Make a wall with dirt surrounding the tree about two or three feet out from the trunk, so it looks like the tree is in the middle of a huge bowl.

Water in there until the bowl is full of water, let it soak in, then fill the bowl again. Do this once a week when it's blooming unless it rains a lot that week. If it rains enough to fill the bowl then you don't have to water that week.

When the tree is done blooming, you can stop watering and let nature do its work.

You still have time to get lots of flowers! Pomegranates will bloom until mid- to late summer usually.

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