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by Teresa Watkins
(Orlando, FL (US))

Garden With Soul TM

Garden With Soul TM

Garden With Soul TM
In Your Backyard Gardening Show

Company Name: Sustainable Horticultural Environments

Address: P.O. Box 547623, Orlando FL 32804

Contact Person: Teresa Watkins

Website: www.she-consulting.com

Email address Teresa dot Watkins at live dot com.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeresaWatkins.GardeningWithSoul

Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/TeresaWatkinsFl

Teresa Watkins is a recognized leader on "environmentally-friendly" landscapes. Her professional background ranges from working with individual clients, private nurseries, commercial retail garden centers, and homeowner associations. Watkins advises builders and developers on green development and landscape design. Teresa, a horticulture expert, also writes down-to-earth advice in her, “Gardening with Soul” articles. National business publications, green builder magazines, Internet websites, and gardening magazines quote Teresa’s articles and philosophy of gardening. She provides water conservation and sustainable landscaping direction on the national USGBC-LEED Sustainable Sites TAG.

Watkins works with Florida homeowners on designing landscapes, creating and maintaining yards that are attractive with earth-smart practices. Over 25,000 Central Florida homeowners have attended Teresa’s landscaping programs in the last ten years earning Ms. Watkins the AWWA‟s Florida Water Education Association’s 2007 Public Education Award.

An award-winning radio and TV host, Teresa Watkins designed the landscaping of the first energy and environmentally efficient home in the state of Florida to be certified as a "green home" by the Florida Build Green Council. Watkins currently hosts an award-winning call-in gardening radio show; "In Your Backyard" on Central Florida’s WLBE My790am.com every Tuesday at 11:00am EST.

A Fellow and past Vice President on the Board of Directors for UF/IFAS Florida Natural Resource Leadership Institute Alumni Association, Teresa was the environmental landscaping consultant for the GreenBuilder-Vision House 2008, showcased at the 2008 International Home Builders Show and GreenBuilder-Vision House and ReVision House 2011 highlighting edible landscaping at the International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida, January 2011. In April, Teresa was awarded Florida Natural Resource Leadership Institute’s 2011 Alumni Award for significant contributions to resolving conflict through leadership.

When not putting her hands in someone else’s backyard, you can find Teresa digging in her own garden, looking for slugs and lubber grasshoppers ~ creatures, that she adamantly swears do not have souls ~ aided in that effort by Nipper and MacTavish, legendary Scottish terrier lubber hunters.

Services: Themed landscaping design and consulting including edible, xeriscaping, medieval, and green certification. Educational workshops. Speaking engagements. Environmental consulting.

References: http://www.she-consulting.com/References-.html

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