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by David McClure
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Miller Landscape Inc. has been serving all of South East Michigan for over 45 years.

Founded in 1966, Miller has grown to be a premier, full-service landscape company. We always strive to reach a level professionalism and quality that our customers have never seen before.

Our services include: 3D and 2D Landscape Designs, Hardscape Installation, Softscape Installation, Irrigation, Water Features, Deck Design and Installation, Lawn and Plant Treatment Programs (Organic Options Available), Snow Removal, Turf Maintenance, Holiday Lighting, Seasonal Services, and more. At Miller Landscape Inc. we are able to design, build, and maintain all of your landscape dreams.

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Miller Landscape Inc. is a Unilock preferred contractor and won a national, prestigious "Best Residential Project" award in 2009. We have been a featured contractor for Timbertech Composite Decks and are one of the few landscape contractors that design and install decks. In 2011, we received numerous awards from the MGIA for both commercial and residential designs.

David McClure is a designer for Miller Landscape Inc. He is a softscape expert and specializes in plant placements. His love for edible gardening is personal and he has studied the concepts independently for many years. He is even incorporating an edible landscape at his 5 acre homestead. He is highly skilled at designing plant layouts that combine functionality with aesthetic appeal.

"I always try to squeeze every ounce of value out of my designs. Edible landscaping has been around for centuries and I'm very excited that people are beginning to see the true potential of it. Being able to have a beautiful, colorful, and vibrant landscape that is functional, provides hearty, organic food for yourself and your family, and is still as cost effective as traditional landscapes, what's not to love?

"It's the same as when I design habitats. I recently created a design for a native hummingbird and butterfly garden at a local elementary school. We could have just put some pretty plants in there and it would have looked nice but I always want to see what else we can get out of the design. Can we bring more birds around, more butterflies. Do we want alter the look and feel of the house or structure? Can we reduce heating and cooling costs or hide the garbage cans.

"I love getting the most out of the design. Edible landscaping is one more way that we can do just that. You don't need a garden, you don't have to plant and maintain all of this extra space. We'll just incorporate it.

"Have a neighborhood association? No problem, they'll never know the difference. It's the greatest part about being a designer, I get to work with a customer and together we create this amazing thing that they get to enjoy year after year. It's an amazing thing to be a part of."
- David McClure

Miller Landscape Inc.
815 Brown Rd. Orion, MI 48359
Business Hours:M-F 9-5

David McClure
Connect with me personally:
Dave(at)MillerLandscape (dot) com

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