Your November Garden

In your November garden, depending on your location and how safe it is to go outside, you might be:

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Preparing your garden for winter

Sweeping, pruning, clipping, raking, and covering tender plants are all things you can do during a northern hemisphere fall November, if you aren't already buried in snow.

Planning your summer garden

For those of you in the southern hemisphere, this can be the perfect time to plan (and plant) your summer edible gardens.

Think about what you'd like to plant, buy your seeds for late summer and your plants to put in now.

Of course, you want to read about your area's wet/dry seasons and the plants which do best in your area this time of year.

Harvesting your fall or spring produce

In most cases, the November garden has produce which can be harvested, whether fall root crops or spring peas.

Make sure you keep up with your harvests in the spring, and watch for weeds before they take over.

Repairing hardscape damaged by storms

Have you had recent fall or spring storms?

It's best to get any damage to your fences, walls, edgings, or garden decor repaired now, before the rush of the holidays.

Decorating for the holidays!

Here in the US we end up decorating twice, once for our Thanksgiving holiday in the third week of November, then for Christmas directly after.

But whatever holidays you celebrate during this time, consider how your garden can be brought into the decor.

Bare shrubs can be clipped into snowball shapes or decorated with tiny lights or other decorations. Make sure that the decorations are sturdy enough not to be damaged by wind and weather.

Plant annuals (or perennials) in your holiday's special colors. Another option is to use container edible plants which can stand the elements, in order to add a bit of color.

Don't forget your trees! Adding lights to fruit trees is a fun and festive way to use them.

Here are more ideas for making your November Fall or Spring Gardens their best!

Enter the November garden contest!

Do you have an edible November garden? Share it!

Each November, the home edible garden I like the best will be awarded a crown to wear all year long.

November Spring Garden

November Fall Garden

Entries are given points for:

  • Hardscape (walls, paths, walkways, etc)
  • Overall design
  • Whether the garden complements this house
  • Use of edible trees and shrubs
  • Use of edible perennials
  • Use of edible annuals
  • Curb appeal
  • Photo quality

ALL the garden entries for November will also be entered into our Spring and Fall Garden Contests, which will involve prizes!

And everyone who enters into these contests for all four seasons will be eligible for the Four Season Edible Garden Contest.

Will you become Queen (or King) of the Garden? You have to enter to find out!

Don't forget to leave your email address (there's a place for you to do that after you submit your photos) so I can contact you later on when you win. :)

The November contest is open! Please share your garden photos by filling out the form below.

Read more about our Four Season Garden contest!

Or if you don't want to compete, you can share your garden with us here.

Share Your November Garden

Show off your beautiful, edible November gardens!

*Tell us what is growing in your yard
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I invite you to join the Tasteful Landscape community, a group of people who love beautiful home edible gardens as much as you do!

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