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by Adam Sarmiento
(Norman, OK, US)

Name the edibles in this photo

Name the edibles in this photo

Name the edibles in this photo

Eco Landscaping is a design and landscaping services firm founded by Adam Sarmiento in 1998.

We focus on bringing the principles of good design, Deep Organic gardening and environmentally conscious practices to residential and commercial spaces in Central Oklahoma.

We believe that a beautiful and healthy landscape can be achieved without the use of toxic chemicals that are a threat to human and ecosystem health.

With the ever increasing human impact on wild and natural spaces we feel it is more important than ever to bring native, wild and edible plants into landscaping. With that in mind we are continually seeking out under utilized native and local plants that have aesthetic, ecological and utilitarian merit.

Eco Landscaping also operates a nursery dedicated to providing unique native, edible and appropriate plants to our clients.

After a 1997 season of working in an Organic kitchen garden in Oklahoma, Adam Sarmiento began applying Organic horticultural techniques to landscape gardening in 1998 with his Eco Lawn and Garden service in Eugene, Oregon.

Over the next five years he continued to study landscape design, horticulture, organic agriculture, permaculture, edible landscaping, architecture, masonry and numerous other related ecologically appropriate skills. These studies included apprenticeships on Organic farms, many "green" workshops as part of the Eco Builders Guild, and a year long apprenticeship at the non profit Ecology Action research Garden.

During his apprenticeship at Ecology Action, Adam authored a booklet on small scale grain raising which can be purchased at our website.

In 2002 Adam moved back to central Oklahoma and began offering his services as Eco Landscaping. Since then he has continued to refine the application of Organic/Natural growing methods and design concepts to landscapes and gardens around the region. He is continually striving to become more native to this place through the practice of seeking out under utilized native and local plants that have aesthetic, ecologoical and utilitarian merit.

Company Name:
Eco Landscaping

618 Jenkins Ave.

Phone Number:

Business Hours:
M-F 9-5

Contact Person:
Adam Sarmiento

Website URL:

adam (at) ecogardenok (dot) com


Services we offer: design, installation, edible/native design, maintenance, hardscaping, irrigation, unique plants, kitchen gardens, raised beds, restoration landscapes, mini farms, permaculture, consultations, water features, rain water harvesting, do nothing farming.

How long have you been in business?
16 years

Eco Landscaping was started from the foundation of work in Organic agriculture. We continually strive to find organic solutions to any landscape problems.

We have 16 years experience integrating organic agriculture and landscaping . We have a special emphasis on bringing wild edibles into the landscape and trialing unique and under utilized edibles.

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