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The New York landscaping businesses which have joined the Edible Landscape Business Showcase so far are listed below in alphabetical order by city.

If you click on the listing, you can find more information about these companies, including how to contact them.

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Oasis Edible Landscapes

Long Island City

Greening Stone

New York City

Big Apple Edibles, Inc

A listing here is not a recommendation -- these are simply the landscaping businesses in New York which have joined the showcase. I try my best to make sure that they really do have experience in home landscaping with food plants, but you can help by telling us about what happened when you hired the business to work on your gardens.

To leave a review for any edible landscaping company you've used, just go to the company's listing page and click on the "comments" button at the bottom of that page to leave your review. Others will be able to see these comments when they visit that company's listing.

If you know of an New York edible landscaping company that should be listed here, please send them to the directory submission page to get their free listing!

No New York landscaping company near you?

I'm sorry there's nothing listed in New York near you yet. Try the search box below to search the internet for edible landscaping businesses in your area.

Just type in the words "edible landscaping", "kitchen gardens" -- or whatever you're specifically looking for  (without the quotes) -- and the city or area in New York that you want. Then click the search button. This will open another page with results from Google.

Still can't find a New York edible landscaping business near you? Please contact me and I'll ask around for you.

I find that most landscaping professionals who are using food plants in their designs -- many of them who specialize in edible landscapes -- either aren't online, aren't advertising, or their websites are so far down on Google's list that you might not find them easily. I invite every one of them that I run across. But if you write and ask, I'll search your area in New York first. ;)

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