My Backyard Patch

by Debra Cope
(SE Qld Australia)

My backyard patch

My backyard patch

A Featured Garden

This is my backyard patch that was a work in progress. When we moved in there was nothing there but grass. We bought some large fruit trees and they went in first then we began on the vegetable patch, organic of course!

Nothing happens overnight of course when you have a garden. We started with a bare patch and some bricks. It took about a week to get the garden bed set up, add some compost and put in the plants. We had some lovely broccoli, tomatoes and some lettuce, with a few basil and other herbs inter-planted as companion plants.

A few months later this is the result. A thriving vegetable patch that gave us lovely eating. How satisfying it was to see the resulting vegetables on the plate! And all organic too!

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