Grow A Gorgeous May Garden

For the home edible gardener, the May garden is possibly one of the busiest months of the year. Either your Spring garden is fully underway and you're scrambling to get all your plants in the ground, or your Fall garden is bursting with produce so that you can barely keep up!

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Here are some tips to help you keep up:

Make a list of what needs doing (and how often)

Taken May 25, 2014, Stockbridge, England (UK)

When you're involved in other activities, the May garden can be overlooked until you're knee deep in weeds, your lettuces are bolting from lack of water, or your fruit has fallen off the trees and rotted.

With a definite plan, you can see at once if you're falling behind.

For example, some of the things on your list might be:

  • walk through the garden daily and pull the tallest weeds
  • pick the blackberries every other day
  • turn on the soaker hose once a week (or you can use a timer for your irrigation, which will save a lot of effort)

Obviously you would use a list which is suitable to your location and needs. Put the list somewhere the whole household can see it and be reminded.

Using clear paper protectors (used in school children's binders) over your list is an easy way to keep it clean. Most of these can be written on with dry erase markers and wiped off at the end of the week if you like.

Go into your yard at least once daily

Taken May 10, 2010, Sydney, NSW (AU)

While this is a good idea in most times of the year, during the period from late spring to late fall, the need for the home edible gardener to take particular care of their yards is most acute.

Not only is being outdoors good for you, when you're actually in your garden you can see any minor problems and forestall them before they become major ones.

And for the fall May garden, getting out into the yard daily as a habit will have your garden tidied for winter without you having to put forth much effort!

Enter the May garden contest!

Do you have an edible May garden? Share it!

Each May, the home edible garden I like the best will be awarded a crown to wear all year long.

May Spring Garden

2015: Lynn Sterner, CA (US)

May Fall Garden

2015: no entries

Entries are given points for:

  • Hardscape (walls, paths, walkways, etc)
  • Overall design
  • Whether the garden complements this house
  • Use of edible trees and shrubs
  • Use of edible perennials
  • Use of edible annuals
  • Curb appeal
  • Photo quality

ALL the garden entries for May will also be entered into our Spring and Fall Garden Contests, which will involve prizes!

And everyone who enters into these contests for all four seasons will be eligible for the Four Season Edible Garden Contest.

Will you become Queen (or King) of the Garden? You have to enter to find out!

Don't forget to leave your email address (there's a place for you to do that after you submit your photos) so I can contact you later on when you win. :)

The May contest is open! Please share your garden photos by filling out the form below.

Read more about our Four Season Garden contest!

Or if you don't want to compete, you can share your garden with us here.

Share Your May Garden

Show off your beautiful, edible May gardens!

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