Lawn Weed and Feed granules impact on planting edibles

A lawn weed and feed product does not give instructions on the safe period to plan edible vegetables. How close to a vegetable garden is it safe to use lawn weed and feed granules? How long after soil treated with lawn weed and feed is it safe to plant edible vegetables?

Hi --

Whether any product is safe to use around edible plants really depends on what the product has in it. If you would tell us what product you're putting on, the ingredient list, or any information about the product, I could help you more.

There are organic and not-organic weed and feed products for lawns. Some are completely safe, and others are not safe at all, especially around food plants.

Let us know what it is that you're thinking of using and we can go from there.

Just FYI: most lawns don't need weeding (most lawn weeds are edible) or feeding. Just mowing. :)

Thanks for writing!


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