Keyport, NJ (US): Ceres Victory Gardens, LLC

I started a small business in 2009 for the modest homeowner. It involves promoting edible landscapes.

I specialize in organic landscape design, installation and maintenance of edible and medicinal gardens.

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Company Name: Ceres Victory Gardens, LLC

Address: PO box 261 Keyport, NJ 07735

Phone Number: 732-995-3996

Business Hours:7am - 9pm EST

Contact Person: Dennis McNamara, Owner

Website URL


Our services include Garden Design, Garden construction of all types, garden consultations and garden maintenance.

We have been in business since 2009

We only use organic garden treatments. We do not use anything not created by Mother Nature.

Lifetime Gardener, Certified Master Gardener and Master Composter. I have designed multiple gardens for multiple purposes. I designed a community gardens, sculptural gardens, gardens for my local Food Bank, Rain Gardens and over 40 installations for different homeowners of different economic stratas of New Jersey. The gardens primarily consisted of raised bed vegetable gardens using multiple materials for the beds designed for every environment. Some of the installations were front yard gardens, some were rear, some were side gardens. With hard work all succeed.

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