Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: Positive Cycle

by Jacques Damhuis

Positive Cycle growing goodness and showing others how.

Positive Cycle growing goodness and showing others how.

Positive Cycle is a South African business centred around teaching people to grow food. No matter the social context Positive Cycle has ideas for both designer food gardens and as well as social upliftment and eco system repair projects.

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Positive Cycle has an installation team who grow edible landscapes and organic vegetable gardens all over Johannesburg.

Positive Cycle offers training in the art and science of organic vegetable gardening and holds organic gardening and farming workshops at the Positive Cycle garden which is located in Auckland Park Johannesburg.

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Positive Cycle operates from a grand old house surrounded by a very productive organic food garden. The address is 45 Wargrave Avenue Auckland Park Johannesburg and if you would like to get in touch or come and visit just phone +27(0)78-732-4405 and arrange to come on a workshop day or simply to meet.

With Positive Cycle you can learn about herbs and their uses as well as how to grow them. You will learn to make your own plant food and anti pest solutions as well as developing an understanding of the companion planting methodology. Growing vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts in abundance and according to a great design can turn your plain old garde into a real outdoor living space. An edible landscape.

Positive Cycle offers organic vegetable gardens and edible landscape installations as well as care and maintenance programs designed to provide you with a superb garden that produces tasty food and looks fantastic.

The Positive Cycle GRO4U team takes care of all installations and maintenance and the Positive Cycle training company provides workshops and consultations on organic food gardening.

Together this formidable veggie gardening force make Positive Cycle one of the more succesful organic gardening companies in the country.

Born out of a deep concern for the natural environment and a desire to be able to do something positive about some of the problems the Positive Cycle gardens are so amazing because each one is born out of the same passion to get every individual on the earth a chance to grow their own food.

Talk to Jacques at Positive Cycle for an estimate or to get involved with learning to grow food plants.


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