January "Summer" Los Osos

by Lynn Sterner
(Los Osos CA USA)

I call my garden a summer garden because we do not receive snow and have very little hard frost. I don't think it would be fair to call it a winter garden. Even the chickens think it is spring.

My Garden is in the bayside community of Los Osos, in Central California, where we are experiencing severe drought conditions. I stopped planting and took my garden down to the bare minimum when the rain, and rain tanks dried up. The plants that were left survived mostly on sink water from the kitchen and fog. When we finally received some rain in November and December I started planting again. Hopefully there is enough water in the tanks to last until we receive more rain. None in sight so far. February is usually also a good time for rain and planting. We have had some frost, but not hard enough to kill anything in the front yard.

The plants include Monterey Cyprus, scented geranium, ginger, aloe vera, yarrow, lambs ear, mullein, sorrel, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley, mint, rose, chicory, nasturtium, calendula, sweet potato, snap pea, potato, beet, geranium, pin cushion, California Poppy, miscellaneous bulbs, and assorted succulents. I harvested the last of the beets from the previous planting and the snap peas are just starting to bloom. We harvested some aloe for face cream and the herbs are always in use for seasoning. I can't wait until the nasturtiums and poppies bloom. We have a regular garden and orchard in the back.

Hi, Lynn --

As much as you might like it to be summer in the Northern Hemisphere, it's still winter. Sorry. :)

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