is this swiss chard

by Ruth
(selbyville de)

I have no idea what this plant is, I did plant swiss chard but must have mislabeled my rows. I bit into on leaf but it was very bitter.

Hi, Ruth --

I don't know what that plant is. I am pretty sure it's not Swiss chard, though!

Are those flowers part of the plant? Or are they next to the plant? You can answer by replying in the comments.

Does anyone know what plant this is?

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Aug 30, 2014
by: Anonymous

Looks like a chicory-family plant. These often show up in mesculin mixes. The flower should end up looking like a wild chicory. Some fancy dandelion greens look like this as well. Catalonga punteralle looks like this, which is a dandelion/chicory that Italians eat a lot of. Usually sauteed with anchovies and garlic. Can be eaten as salad green or cooked like spinach-

Sep 01, 2014
by: Ruth

The flowers are behind the plant, they are black eyed susans. The plant has no flowers, or rather, has not flowered yet. The stems are red. The leaves are smooth, but thicker than lettuce or spinach. I have two short rows of this plant, which is why I knew it was something I planted and not just a random weed.
Thank you everyone!

Apr 03, 2016
Not Swiss Chard
by: Sherri

I am seeing many many traits that lead me to identify it as a Sorrel. Sorrel is a green that is used to make a soup, it can be eaten raw,using the young leaves with a milder flavor.
They have a tap root and strong root system, so it is very difficult to remove. There is a very red stemmed variety that makes a bright addition to landscapes.

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