Is all dwarf pomegranate fruit editable?

by Madeline leblanc

I read that some dwarf are good to eat others R not. How can we tell the difference

Hi, Madeline --

As far as I know, all dwarf pomegranate fruits are edible. However, some taste better than others.

Very small fruits (say, smaller than a golf ball) will probably not have grown large enough to have much flavor. This just indicates that the tree isn't mature enough yet to be able to produce good fruit.

It usually takes any tree between 3 and 5 years to become mature enough to bear good-tasting fruit. Some take even longer.

If you're concerned about a particular variety of dwarf pomegranate, the best thing to do is to research that variety online and see what others who have grown that variety are saying about it.

I hope that helps. If you have other questions, please feel free to ask!

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