Interview Answers From The Experts

I don't know it all! So I get interview answers -- whether directly or indirectly related to edible landscaping -- straight from the experts, and then bring them here for you to read. I hope you'll find these interviews both interesting and helpful.

Christophe Landry gives us tips on taking the perfect garden picture, and what you really need to learn about in your camera's manual ...

Environmental scientist Jonathan White: What is ecological gardening and how can it help create a low-maintenance edible landscape?

Renee Lortie of Have you ever had more tomatoes than you knew what to do with? Here are some delicious ways to use them.

Andrew Perlot of Learn why raw fruits and vegetables are good for you, how to prepare them, and the best ones to grow if you're just starting out.

Johan O'Rayn, Supervisor of the Dik Delta Culinary Gardens at the Solms-Delta Wine Estate, talks with us about the Gardens and about edible South African plants. Some will surprise you!

Carol Fielding of tells us all about cooking with roses, what to look for when using roses in cooking, and the variety of rose recipes that you can try.

LaManda Joy has renovated the historic Peterson Garden, a former WWII Victory Garden in Chicago (US). Here she talks a bit about the history and future of the edible urban community garden.

Certified Horticulturist Jacki Cammidge: Why are drought resistant plants different from other plants? What sorts are there? When do you use them? How do you keep them happy?

Landscape Designer Susan Schlenger: What is the best way to design my garden? What process should I use? When should I call in a professional?

Landscape Designer Heidi Schreiner: What does a landscape designer do? How can you learn landscape design? How do you choose someone to help you with your edible landscaping?

Pauly "The Worm Whisperer" Piccirillo: What is worm composting and how does it work? Get all your worm questions answered here!

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