how to plant edible flower seeds all over my yard

by Sande Cummings
(Log Cabin, TX)

I am handicapped, a senior citizen with health problems and this is all new to me but I'm determined to find a way to make my whole yard an edible field, I have about an acre, hopefully by being able to just sow seeds all over it. It has grass with some ground covering on it. What kind of seeds would be best and how do I do it? Preferably organic for it is what I am suppose to be eating. I live in the cedar creek Texas area zone 8. I already have quite a few flowers that have popped up by themselves and are doing great. My soil is pretty sandy. I want plants that come back by themselves. I also have a garden tower but I am going to have to put it inside. It has a compost center for worms I want to fill the tower with organic edible vegs, flowers, and herbs probably with starter plants. What kind of cost effective grow lights are best. Can't use florescent. I absolutely love your site, it's beautiful, very informing and helpful and so kind. I have so very much to learn. I also want to put edible cactus around my home and some plants in pots. I need a lot of help. I don't even know where to start.

Thanks you so much for being there,

Hi, Sande --

An edible meadow sounds like a great idea!

You may already have several edible plants in your yard. I would recommend this website and this website (this lady is my wildcrafting mentor) for information on wild edible plants.

I'm not sure if Merriwether has any walks or classes near you, but if not, see if you can find someone knowledgeable to help you identify the edible plants already in it. I have many kinds in my backyard here in central Oklahoma. :)

Once you see what you already have, you'll want to have some paths installed so that you can get to your food without walking on it. I don't know what sort of handicap you have, but there may be funding available through your county if you need financial help with improving your yard for wheelchair access. I would talk with your county social services department about what they have available.

I don't use grow lights, as I have some sunny windows in my garage to use during the winter. But here is a good article on the different types of grow lights.

As far as specific plant suggestions, you might try your county extension office, or if you'd like me to research it for you, my rates are here.

I hope this was helpful. If you have further questions, please ask!


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