How do YOU find extra material for your compost?

Leda from Denver, CO (US) writes:

I would like to share something that I've done for my composting effort. I brought one of those counter top Crocks that has a filter in the lid to work. Labeled it used coffee grounds and set it on the counter by the waste bin in the break room. I live in Denver so most people know what to compost and add "green" stuff too. I empty it twice a week and take it home. It holds about 25 of the large filters full of grounds. I also have the execs save their wall street journals for me to use as mulch. There are a lot of yuppies here!

I think this is a fantastic idea! How do YOU find extra material for your compost? Or if you don't compost, how do you amend your soil?

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Mar 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Scored 8 bags of oak leaves from the curb. If I had more time and space, the yard waste truck would not have to visit my neighborhood at all!

My answer: Hurray! Leaves are wonderful ... mix them all through your garden, and save some to make leaf mold, it's a fantastic way to add nutrients to your soil.

May 09, 2014
shredded paper and coffee grounds
by: elsie

I get coffee grounds from the kiosk in my grocery store- they put them in lidded buckets from their bakery dept, which their frostings come in. I have lots of buckets for the garden and for food storage, as well as the grounds. I get shredded office paper from an office that I clean, and the paper and the grounds go into my compost tumbler or on the pile next to it. Worms love this combo. When available, I add wood shaving chicken litter or rabbit manure. I have a thrift-store blender dedicated to grinding eggshells for our chickens,which are gone, so the ground eggshells go in too. Chunks of charcoal from our fireplace go into the bottoms of our planting tubs to keep the soil from getting too rotten (it rains a LOT here). I used to get produce trimmings from the produce dept. for chickens, and had an offer of scraps from a restaurant, but it's too far away.

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