Herb Garden Pictures
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These herb garden pictures are here to show you what can be done with an herb garden!

Some of these have been submitted by visitors here, others are ones I found and really love.

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South Carolina, US


Montreal, CA

Benediktbeuern Abbey

Bavaria, Germany

England, UK

Nunobiki Herb Garden



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Garden Tea 
From my garden I can pick a number of plants and flower petals to make delicious teas: rose petals and/or hips (depending on the time of year), parsley …

An Herb Garden is the best Not rated yet
Herb Gardens are not only good as a food source, they are pretty, smell like Grandmother's kitchen and have flowers as well. In this Herb bed there …

A work in progress - my Irish country garden Not rated yet
We bit off a little more than we could chew (or dig!) in 2010 in our garden in rural Ireland! I got a little carried away planting seedlings indoors …

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