Your Herb Garden Design Can Be
As Unique As You Are ...

As with any other art form, there is no "right" herb garden design, just a design that works for your yard!

Your mission -- should you choose to accept it -- is to develop a design that makes sense to you and your situation.

To begin, think about the amount of room you have to devote to your herb garden and the types of plants you'd like to grow.

While this website focuses on the culinary herbs and many of you are here to create herb gardens for your kitchen, there are many other types of herbs out there, such as medicinal herbs, those used for dyeing, and herbs for religious ceremonies.

There are many other uses for edible herbs as well, such as cut flowers, potpourri and butterfly gardens.

You can use only edible herbs in your landscaping, or you can use other herbs as well.

Choosing your garden style

There are two basic types of herb garden design: formal and informal.

Formal design

Informal design

Garden design is often symmetrical and based on a geometric shape such as a square or circle

Garden design is often asymmetrical and is not based on any particular geometric shape

The design has many straight lines

The design has many curved and wavy lines

Plantings and garden decor items are placed to add to the symmetry of the overall scheme

Plantings and garden decor items are placed to provide interesting shapes and views

Plants are often geometrically pruned and trimmed into hedges and topiary

Plants are pruned lightly, if at all, to help them develop their own natural forms

Overall effect is controlled and scripted

Overall effect is wild, natural, or unscripted

Examples: parterre, knot gardens

Examples: meadows, most botanical gardens

I find that people are drawn to one type or the other. Choose the one which feels right to you. You can use elements of both if you prefer, and many garden design styles do.

For example, Japanese gardens use natural forms, yet are considered formal gardens.

You might like my formal edible garden design layouts! Learn more here.

Herb garden design themes

When developing an herb garden design, many people like to choose a theme that fits into their overall yard's theme, such as

  • a particular color (an all green garden, or a pink and white one),
  • a certain style (modern, primitive country, gothic)
  • a culinary theme (a pizza garden, for example)
  • a historical time frame (a Victorian or medieval herb garden)

Themes are not mandatory, but they do help to unify your garden.

Get more herb garden ideas here.

Want to learn more?

There are many great books on herb garden design, both in print and on Kindle -- you can search for some here.

Or you can read my page on how to design your own herb garden!

Would you like to talk more about herb gardens with a group who loves edible landscape design as much as you do? Join the Tasteful Landscape community.

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