Growing Sunflowers Tastefully

Growing sunflowers is an easy, fun way to start edible landscaping.

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Many sunflower varieties are quite elegant, and go well in edible landscaping, both in the backyard and into a contemporary front yard setting.

Design considerations when growing sunflowers

Since most sunflowers are quick-growing annuals, you can use them in many different ways in your garden, and even change what you do with them from year to year if you like.

Garden themes

If you'd like to create a theme for your home landscaping which features sunflowers, here are a few that tradtionally use sunflowers which you can investigate (eventually I'll have a page for each):

  • French cottage
  • Primitive country
  • Holiday seasonal
  • Old American West
  • Childrens' garden
  • Cutting flower garden

and many more.

Some ideas for using sunflower plants

1) Try growing young sunflowers as a divider hedge in spring.

If you're growing dwarf sunflowers, you can let the plants flower, otherwise you may want to pull and use the sunflower greens when they reach the maximum height that you want, so they don't overpower the rest of your yard.

Sunflower plants in my spring front yard border.

2) If you're really ambitious, you can use giant sunflowers as an annual privacy hedge ...

3) ... Or plant a sunflower maze for a special event, such as a children's birthday party or harvest celebration.

4) Plant giant or mid-sized sunflowers as a backdrop for other plants.

This can be very effective when you use shorter plants with a contrasting color in front of your sunflowers, for example, growing giant yellow sunflowers behind red or purple rosebushes.

5) Use a particularly beautiful sunflower variety as a focal point in your yard.

To do this, place the sunflower where you want it (the center or rear of the garden plot) then put shorter, less spectacular plants around or in front of it. 

6) Plant sunflowers on either side of your entryway.

This is particularly effective if you time your plantings so your sunflowers bloom in mid-summer, at harvest time, or during Thanksgiving.

The nice thing about sunflowers is that they grow quickly enough that you can make multiple plantings in one year if you need to.

7) Use dwarf sunflowers along paths as borders or in containers.

Need help designing your edible landscaping? Consider my workbook, "How to make your own garden landscape design plans".

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