Grass Valley, CA (US) - Garden Fare

by Patrick Rodysill
(Grass Valley, CA, US)

We have 25 years of non-chemical gardening experience in many different climates. We enjoy small and intimate gardens but have evolved to work with folks new to the Sierra Foothills and the challenges that are unique to the area. Holistic land management and soil health are a very strong focus. It's great fun to show people how to integrate tomatoes with roses, broccoli and cabbage with crape myrtles and boxwoods.

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Company Name:Garden Fare

Address: PO Box 1544 Penn Valley, CA 94946

Phone Number:530-913-2962

Business Hours: 7-5, M-S

Contact Person: Patrick Rodysill


Email address: Patrick (at) mygardenfare (dot) com

Facebook at Garden Fare

Services you offer:

Holistic land management, edible and ornamental garden design, small and large site consultations and homestead design, irrigation maintenance and organic landscape maintenance

How long have you been in business?

over 20 years

Does your company use organic fertilizers, organic pest control and organic weed control?


What experience do you have in edible landscaping?:

Many food gardens throughout the Sierra Foothills including Pilot Peak winery and Blue Oak vineyard, as well as numerous edible landscapes in the Oakland and San Francisco area in conjunction with Star Apple Edible Landscaping in Oakland. We also designed the Edible Garden for the San Francisco Flower and Garden Show in 2010.

We are not a one time garden install company. We establish relationships with our clients to help them as best we can. We do not tie people into a contract and are very flexible. Education and understanding are first and foremost regarding soil and it's health, as well as the importance of an abundance of insects, different plant species and healthy compost.

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