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The best gardening advice I ever got was to check my yard as often as I could, every day if possible. If you're outside in your garden on a regular basis you can see what's going on, as well as see any problems before they become severe.

Sometimes it's hard to find a reliable place to go when you do need edible gardening help, so I thought we could start our own place here.

Edible landscaping is a bit different from either general food gardening or regular landscaping. Here, we are all interested in the same thing: making our yards both beautiful and edible.

Let's help each other out! Ask your edible gardening questions, offer gardening tips to others, and have fun.

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This is the place to get:

  • advice for general gardening issues,
  • edible flower gardening help,
  • vegetable gardening tips,
  • your organic gardening questions answered,
  • any other gardening help you need.

There is no stupid question!

About 30% of the people who visit have no experience growing plants at all, so you are not alone. But many garden professionals and long time amateur gardeners come here as well, so you can be sure to get good advice about your problems.

I will personally answer your question on the same page as your question is, so please leave an email address so I can notify you where your question is and when it is answered. I screen all comments so you only get useful and constructive advice.

Questions without an email address will be deleted.

If you want me to do research on plants specific to your area, please go here.

If you have a question about a particular plant in your garden, you must include a clear photo of the plant. I cannot answer questions about a plant without a photo.

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Scroll down to read through the questions and see if you have any gardening advice. I don't pretend to have all the answers -- your comment might help someone finally solve that issue they're having with their garden!

So please join in ...

Need Some Edible Gardening Advice?

We all need help from time to time. If you have a gardening question, have a problem with a plant, or just need someone to tell you if you're on the right track, just ask. If I don't know the answer, I can find out for you.

Note: you must leave your email on the next page if you want me to answer -- this is not optional.

If you have a question about your plant, you must include a photo of the plant or your question will be deleted.

Other Edible Gardening Questions ...

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If you've handled the same problem before, please share your advice in the comments!

Finding the right vegetables for my yard 
I live on a saltwater lagoon and I am in my second year growing vegetables (trying), so far I have had some success with tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers and …

I'd like to know what plant this is- a patient says she uses it daily to control her Diabetes. 
We are in the medical profession and are just concerned if it's safe for consumption - and what is the name of the plant. It looks like a succulent.I …

Swiss Chard  
My Swiss Chard in my garden has Cercospora Leaf Spot. Is it ok to eat? Hi, Carmen - It's not going to make you sick, if that's what you mean. …

best vertical gardening shelves 
I have a long rectangular balcony that is 40 feet long and I want to maximize the growing capacity by stacking 3 levels of shelves along the length of …

Lawn Weed and Feed granules impact on planting edibles 
A lawn weed and feed product does not give instructions on the safe period to plan edible vegetables. How close to a vegetable garden is it safe to use …

Are the materials used on tubings for drainage and irrigations systems hazardous to health? 
Hello and greetings, I live in south of France and I am preparing the drainage and irrigation system of my garden. I have been researching for quite …

how to plant edible flower seeds all over my yard 
I am handicapped, a senior citizen with health problems and this is all new to me but I'm determined to find a way to make my whole yard an edible field, …

is a grey watering system suitable for an edible garden? thanks,irene 
I am so excited about all the information ! Don't know where to start! I live in LA CA and have a beautifull yard,people live it or hate it! it …

Spots on my Gynura Procumbens 
I started Gynura Procumbens inside until after our last frost (June 1st) when the weather breaks but then I saw these on a couple of leaves two day ago …

fruit fly 
I have moved into a fruit fly prone area... I live in S/W Melbourne Australia. I am not entirely sure of when to start protecting my crops from fruit …

is this swiss chard 
I have no idea what this plant is, I did plant swiss chard but must have mislabeled my rows. I bit into on leaf but it was very bitter. Hi, Ruth

Starting from Scratch 
Hi all This is not so much a question as a simple request for advice. I have just moved to Melbourne Victoria Australia, and am basically looking …

What is this plant? Milkweed maybe - but I think not. 
This year I decided to let some garden "unknown plants" just grow to see what they are. We discovered some long lost rasberry bushes. Some plants with …

Wild Blackberries and Purslane 
I have wild blackberries in my yard that I fight all the time (growing through deck and coming farther and farther into my yard). I love eating blackberries …

Does anyone know what this is? 
My sister in law gave it to me but doesn't know the name. Hi, Lynn -- I don't know what this is either. Maybe some of our gardeners out there …

Twisted roots! 
I live in southeast arizona. We moved into our house may last year and there was a tree i was unsure of. It looked pitiful about 7 feet tall, thin trunk, …

Jackfruit Trees 
I recently planted 2 Jackfruit tress = I brought the seeds back from the USA. I have them in pots and they are doing well - now about 40cm tall. The question …

Suggestions for an Edible Hedge 
I need to create a privacy hedge (at least 6-7 feet tall) and would like to make it edible. One thought I had was the Juniper communis. I live in …

Just wondering what the growing zone for coroneo guanajuato mexico would be? 
Just wondering what the growing zone for coroneo guanajuato mexico would be? Hi, Joseph-- The way to find your plant hardiness zone is to …

Edible Screen 
Hi, the adjacent lot has just cleared out their 'jungle' growth that was so nicely providing a screen between me and the neighborhood. I would like …

What grows in England? 
I have recently moved to the UK from the US. I live in Southern England on the coast and have a lovely garden space but am wondering what I can plan that …

I need suggestions for plants 4-6 feet tall, fruit bearing, on the north side of a cypress screen. 
My neighbors planted leland cypress on our property line. They moved away and a new family moved in. By that time the branches were at least 8 feet long …

Watering the peas with DIY watering can 
We rent a cottage On amat estate, Ardgay, Sutherland north of Scotland but only a small part of the garden is fenced off to stop rabbits, so we find we …

Can I plant any vegetables around my roses? They are well-established and healthy. 
Question: Someone mentioned to me that planting cabbage was beneficial for roses and I'm wondering if it's true. I would like to plant some vegetables …

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Zone 3 Fruit Trees? 
Question: I live in a Zone 3. I am wanting to grow some fruit trees. Which would be my best choices? Answer: For those of you who aren't familiar …

Veggies and fruits in flowerpots 
There is nothing I like better then to go outside into the garden and pick some fresh vegetables or fruits for a meal. Unfortunately our dog marks …

Can containers and baskets work? 
Our very curious toddler saw us enjoying our wonderful blackberries in the garden. While I would love for him to eat more fruits and veggies I would …

What are the most decorative edible hedges? 
I want to make an edible hedge for my front yard but I want it to look really nice ... what do you recommend? I'd like it to be more decorative than …

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