Your Edible Garden In January

The garden in January holds so much promise as you enter the New Year! Whether you're in the depths of winter or the bounty of summer, January gardens seem to hold something special, the anticipation of what is to come.

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Taken January 18, 2011, Alta Loma, CA (US)

Here are some photos of January edible gardens that hopefully will inspire you to run outside and take a photo (if it's January right now) and share your garden with us.

I'll be adding more as I find more -- and as you send more in!

Some are ones I've taken in January, others are ones that you've sent to me which were taken in January.

Taken January 2012, Oklahoma City, OK (US)

There is an award for the best January winter garden and the best January summer garden, so please let me know which one you qualify for.

Here are the awards!

January Summer Garden

2015: No entries

January Winter Garden

2015: Lynn Sterner, CA (US)

The January contest is over! Please come back next year to share your January garden.

Want to share your garden? See our Four Season Garden contest!

Or if you don't want to compete, share your garden with us here.

See More January Gardens

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